How Green is our Valley?

Thanks to everyone who was able to take part in Carey’s Lifestyle Survey concerning the Christian response to environmental issues. This was good for a number of reasons:
- 18 surveys were received, which was a good response.

- It has provided Carey with a positive starting point and also a bench- mark for measuring future progress.
- Our church is now even closer to receiving a bronze EcoChurch award. - The full comments people made on the back page of the survey showed that many people, as we thought, were already wrestling with these issues and taking action in the face of our environmental crises.

Highlighting some of the results:
- No-one has yet conducted a personal CO2 audit
- 5/18 people said they regularly buy Fairtrade
- 7/18 currently have a domestic renewable energy supplier
- 2/18 said they took part in community activities with an environmental agenda
- 17/18 adhered said they adhered to the principles of ‘reduce, re-use, re- cycle’

Given the positive response to the re-cycling question, the deacons decided that the January Church meeting should discuss the issue of re- cycling at Carey. Green team member, Jon Tripp, had started to research other possible arrangements for Carey’s waste which would mean more recycling and probably less cost. In light of this, the Church Meeting decided that once we had further information about our current waste contract and about a potential alternative contract, we would discuss this more fully at our March Church Meeting. Watch this space... Anyone wishing to make their views known should either attend the March Church Meeting, either via zoom, phone or by contacting a deacon or someone on the Green Team (Bhagya Leeniyagoda, Andrew & Dawn Suzmeyan, Jon Tripp, Shirley Sebuliba, Colin & Christine Cartwright). Thank you.

Finally, now is the time to take action over Dacorum Borough Council’s Local Plan, 2021-2038: The comments deadline for this consultation has now been moved back to the end of February, due to the very low level of responses they had received by mid-January. Any local resident wishing to take part in the consultation should go to DBC website and search for the page on the Local Plan. Comments can be submitted online or via the post to: Strategic Planning, Dacorum Borough Council, The Forum, Marlowes. Many will question the need for so much new housing in the area. However, if this development is to go ahead, as seems likely, people might want to ask about ensuring that any development is consistent with the original vision for Hemel as a garden community with plentiful green spaces. It seems that the plans for the ‘North Hemel’ development in particular, do not ensure sufficient levels of provision of green space, including for ‘wildlife corridors’ between the green spaces, both for the sake of wildlife, but also to help residents’ mental health.

Colin Cartwright, member of Carey’s Green Team

(Article taken from Feb 2021 edition of Grapevine Magazine)